OD Features

Replace secondary operations while obtaining superior surface finish.

The outside diameter burnishing tool is used on turning machines to create extremely fine finishes in most ferrous and non-ferrous materials. The versatility of these tools allows the burnishing of external diameters, tapers, radii, and face as well as large internal bores.

Low microinch finish

  • Produces a 4 to 8 Ra surface finish in one pass.
  • Improves surface irregularities and tool marks.

Process Improvements

  • Burnishing is a repeatable and consistent process.
  • Fast cycle times - measured in seconds, not minutes!


  • Burnishing is effective for many different part configurations.
  • Suitable process for a variety of metals – all ductile metals can be burnished!

Low Cost

  • Eliminates secondary machines and set ups.
  • Eliminates secondary processes such as grinding, honing and polishing.
  • Long lasting and replaceable wear parts reducing total cost over the life of the tool.

Work Hardening

  • Burnishing increases the surface hardness through the cold working process and compressive forces.
  • Increases metal’s resistance to fatigue and failure at stress points.
  • Produces a dense and uniform surface.

Proven Quality

  • The burnishing process has been refined and improvedfor over 100 years and has a proven record of success.
  • Monaghan Tooling Group and Elliott Tool Technologies continue this long tradition by providing the industry’s highest quality burnishing tools.


  • MTG and Elliott burnishing tools require limited training to operate.
  • Easy to maintain and repair.
  • Common repair parts are always stocked!